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Rather than blow my own horn, so to speak, here are some comments from fellow musicians and pupils: -

"When you get to our age you've got to pass it on, haven't you?"

Graham RussellFriend and great trumpet player

Oscar has been a student with Geoff for the past 6 years, since the age of 9. In this time, Oscar has learnt to play the saxophone from a complete beginner, to participating in an orchestra at the Royal Academy of Music. Geoff has not prepared Oscar for Grades but has inspired him to enjoy his music and want to pursue it in his academic studies. Apart from learning to play the instrument, Oscar has also learnt to appreciate different music styles and the important role of music in our history. In particular Geoff has helped Oscar to develop his performance skills. Geoff has huge knowledge and experience, not just about the saxophone, but music in general. His enthusiasm is infectious and this has led Oscar to remain as a long term student.

Martin Whapham
– Oscars' father

Geoff Driscoll has been doing the professional circuit for nearly forty five years. This outstanding feat reflects in every aspect of his teaching. His technical ability on all saxophones is untouchable and his calm, inspiring nature is apparent both on and off the stage. His experience also influences his touchingly friendly approach in lessons. Geoff’s knowledge of 20th century popular music rivals that of a professor and his passion for his subject is astronomically inspiring. Having had lessons with Geoff for five years, he propelled me to Grade 8 standard, and he saw me to the pinnacle of my achievements when I performed at Glastonbury '07 to over three thousand people. Performance is not all that Geoffs' expertise has to offer. He has also offered advice on composition, arranging and Jazz appreciation and history. Geoff Driscoll is one of the unsung heroes of musical inspiration and teaching for a student of any level. If you require a tutor who is motivating, friendly and holds a wealth of active performing experience, then Geoff Driscoll is your answer.

Adam Neil-Jones – 20 years old, in his second year of studying Music at Newcastle University

Geoff has a life-long passion for music and a wish to share that passion with others that has kept me coming to lessons week after week, having tried several other music teachers in the past. Geoff opened a whole new genre of music to me, and right from the first lesson my homework included being told who and what to listen to. Almost every week includes a “listen to this” session where recorded examples are played out. The lessons are not about just playing the notes, but more a full musical education in Geoff’s unique style. His aim is to make his student a real musician, without stressful exams that take away the pure joy and achievement of making music. And he’s jolly good at it.

Colin Glanville – Adult learner

Geoff Driscoll
Having a blast at my 60th bash
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